2nd Skin Stretch Bodysuit Star Wars Darth Vader

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Robotic body parts just don't feel quite like the real thing. It's too bad Anakin Skywalker didn't realize that before losing his duel with Obi-Wan, otherwise he may have made some better decisions, like not jumping, unguarded, towards a highly skilled Jedi ready to cleave you with a lightsaber. He's stuck being a cyborg, a mere fraction of the man he was before the encounter, but you don't have to make those mistakes. You can look just like the Sith Lord, all while keeping your normal body parts. All it takes, is this officially licensed Star Wars skin suit, which fits like a second skin and not like clunky mechanical arms. Adult 2nd Skin full stretch bodysuit. Jump into action with 2nd skin. See! Breathe! Drink Through With Ease! Are You Feeling brave? Or out for a for a laugh? This is an awesome costume. This costume is an instant classic! Perfect for parties, sporting events and just plain fun! Machine washable and strong to re-use all year long!

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