300 Rise Of The Empire Themistokles Spartan Sword

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The 300 Rise of an Empire Themistokles Costume Sword is modeled after the same blade wielded by the general during the film, making it a great way to complete your own Themistokles look with a weapon that is safe to openly carry. Modeled after the classic Greek sword, this costume weapon has a leaf-shaped blade and a hilt shaped like a column. Made in molded plastic, it also sports a rugged, worn appearance that speaks of its long record of service in war. A licensed costume accessory from the 300 Rise of an Empire film. Based on the sword carried by the Greek general Themistokles. Molded entirely in quality plastic. A Greek sword with a leaf-shaped blade and a worn bronze finish. A great costume weapon for adults and children. Length: 27.625 inches

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