300 Rise Of The Empire Themistokles Spartan Shield

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General Themistokles was no fool. He knew to go into battle with his shield at his side. And now, you can do the same. This 300 Rise of an Empire Themistokles Costume Shield recreates his aspis so that you can carry it anywhere. Greek for shield, the aspis was commonly made of bronze. This version is made from molded plastic, with a bronzed finish for that touch of authenticity. It is both light and safe to carry, and makes for a perfect addition to almost any Greek warrior costume. A licensed costume accessory from the 300 Rise of an Empire film. Based on the shield carried by General Themistokles. Molded entirely in quality plastic. A Greek shield with an antiqued bronze coloration. A great costume accessory for adults and children. Diameter: 21 inches.

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