Airbrush Professional Complete System

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The TALON is for the artist that requires the finest detail and control. Patterns from a hair line,using the Fine Aircap, Needle and Tip, up to 3 inches with the new TAF-3 Fan Aircap can be achieved. The D500SR will deliver clean dry air at 20-30 P.S.I.
TG-100D Components:
* D500SR Air Compressor 1/8HP, ETL Listed with Switch & R-75 Regulator
* AC-7 Airbrush Cleaning Kit with 7 cleaning brushes
* TG#2 TALON Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush- Internal Mix
* A-1/8-6 6′ Air Hose w/ Couplings
* TAF-3 Fan Aircap for .66mm head – gives 2-1/2″ to 3″ flat pattern
* TA-1 & TA-3 .25mm Aircap and .66mm Aircap
* TN-1 & TN-3 .25mm Needle and .66mm Needle
* TT-1 & TT-3 .25mm Tip and .66mm Tip
* TAL-35 Allen Wrench
* TAL-28 Wrench
* A-34 Airbrush Hanger
* TTALB “22 Airbrush Lessons” Booklet
* Parts List

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