Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Kit


It’s time for tea! Feeling a little batty? Are you in a mood that can be described best as absolutely mad? Well, that’s a-okay! Especially if you are going to take a plunge down the rabbit hole. We assure you that there will be plenty of kooky characters waiting for you when you get there. This crazy accessory comes with an oversized hat, 10″ high to be exact so you are sure to make a statement. You will also receive a collar with an attached bow tie! Whether you’ve got a regular-sized head or your noggin is a little on the larger size (we know, you’re just full of wisdom) this Mad Hatter Kit has a size adjuster in the interior of the hat for a perfect fit. It’s time to personify the craziest character of them all by picking up this Mad Hatter Kit. Wear it and you’re sure to have a wonderful night!

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