Ancient Antique Gold Crown


This Halloween it is finally your time to reign. Whether you decide to rule with an iron fist or a kind heart is up to you. We just have one suggestion. Lead with the style and grace of the rulers from ancient times. Those kings and queens really knew how to enjoy the luxuries of life. Huge castles and loads of gold were just a taste of their lives. You’ll feel royalty flow through your veins when you complete your regal costume with this Ancient Crown. Feel free to make all the royal decrees you wish. After all, with a crown like this, nobody will disobey your orders. It may be out of respect. It may be out of fear of losing their heads. Either way, your wish is their command. You say “jump” and everyone at the party will ask “how high?” Command everyone to have the best Halloween ever and you’ll have one of the best nights of your life. This costume accessory is designed to look like a golden crown from an ancient civilization. It is made from molded plastic and has golden accents. It is made in one size that should fit around most male or female heads.

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