Aquaman Justice League Deluxe Costume

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People try to rag on Aquaman because talking to fish is one of his pretty standard super powers, but let us ask you this. Why wouldn’t having the ability to talk to sea life be totally awesome? Just imagine this, if you will. You’re swimming around at the beach and you want an ice cream from the snack bar, but you don’t want to walk all the way on shore to get one. Just tell your friendly crab pal to scuttle up to the shop to get you one. Or what if you need a ride across the ocean, but you don’t have a ticket to some fancy cruise liner? Well, just give you old buddy Mr. Blue Whale a call and he’ll give you a ride. What if you are cruising around on a boat and you accidently drop the boat keys? Just ask a dolphin to go snag them for you and you’re golden. Okay, so maybe those are pretty limited uses of that power, so it’s a good thing that Aquaman also has super strength, superhuman endurance, impenetrable skin and he can also swim at speeds that rival that of a high-powered speed boat. That makes him a formidable hero to face and while you might not have any of his super powers, you can still look like the Justice League hero with this deluxe Aquaman costume for adults. The deluxe Aquaman costume comes licensed from the Justice League movie! It looks just like the outfit worn by Jason Mamoa and it even has muscle padding in the chest and arms to give you that tough and buff look. Once you have it on, you’ll be ready to tangle with any bad guy. Just make sure you start growing your beard out now! Officially licensed. Wig & Beard Set Sold Separately.

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