Aquaman Justice League Wig & Beard Set


The King of Atlantis has had quite a few phases in his over 60 year run in the comic books. From bright orange scaled shirts, to a bright blue swirling suits, to long flowing hair and even a scruffy beard, he's really tried a ton of different ways to make him look a true man of the sea. He's even had a hook for a hand during his run as DC's bad boy of the sea. Of course, with the famous Jason Momoa playing the superhero, it's no surprise that Zack Snyder decided to choose a look inspired by Aquaman's shirtless tough-guy, grizzled beard and long dreads phase for this movie, Batman v Superman. We're pretty stoked about it—just look at that hairstyle! Just look at that glorious beard! He looks tough enough to wrestle a great white shark with his bare hands! Now, you can have that same facial hair with this Dawn of Justice Aquaman Wig and Beard Set. The kit comes with everything you need to transform your face and hair into that of the gruff superhero who's not shy about smashing cameras to smithereens when they're being pointed in his face. The blonde and brown mesh of synthetic hairs creates a look that captures his water-bound hairdo in a matter of seconds, so you don't have to spend months growing out your own beard and dreadlocks just to dress up like the superhero. All you have to do is place the wig on your head and attach the beard with the facial adhesive and you're ready to tangle with some bad guys!

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