Bachelorette Name Tags 12-Pack


Do you hate sitting across from someone and forgetting their name? Do you avoid conversations with someone because you can’t remember what they called themselves? Take a deep breath and relax with these bachelorette party name tags! Write your name, stick, and stay. With greater flexibility, these badges move along with your clothes and stick securely to your fabric. Don’t be left questioning the identity of people at your bachelorette party. These white and pink party girl stickers are exactly what you need! These bachelorette name tags are essential for bachelorette parties of all sizes. 12 name tag stickers come in each pack. Write the name of the person on the top line and then write the role they play in the wedding or how they are related to the Bride-to-Be. It’s a great way to remember names and relations. Twelve peel and stick labels are included. Let the party begin!

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