Back Stage


Back Stage is a superb 'Sucker” effect  – Great Comedy. QUALITY WOODEN PROP – Perfect for Stage acts and children's shows. A brightly colored wooden card holder with a cloth 'skirt' around it is shown and a jumbo card is displayed. Magician explains that he is going to show the audience the view that some one BACKSTAGE gets when a magician performs a trick. – You are going to demonstrate how a magician vanishes a jumbo sized playing card. Firstly you demonstrate the trick, carefully placing the card between two wooden boards on the card vanishing table. You then remove the boards and show them both sides, the card has vanished. Now you explain how the trick is done and proceed to show the audience the view from backstage. They clearly see that the card actually falls through a hidden slot in the table and is caught and held underneath by ribbons. Thinking they now know your secret, you proceed to demonstrate the trick again, from the front view. NOW FOR THE SUCKER PUNCH – Having made the card vanish you proceed to rip away the 'skirt' from the table to show the card really has vanished! and all the audience will see is the ribbons dangling beneath the table where they thought the 'vanished' card had gone.

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