Bacon Slice Costume


Is that the mouth-watering, stomach-growl-inducing aroma of bacon that I smell? Now, you can wear that smell with your very own bacon costume. Break out the skillet from your kitchen and cook up a piece of crispy bacon while wearing your new Bacon Adult Costume. Whether you are cut from the fatback, pork loin, or pork belly you will have people drooling over you at your next Halloween bash. As tasty as it is to eat and as stylish as it is to wear, everyone will be jealous of how you look. Bring home the bacon at your next costume party when you don this amusing outfit. Not only is it great to wear alone, but the Bacon Adult Costume also pairs perfectly with an egg for a hot couples costume. People always say that bacon is bad for you, but with the Bacon Adult Costume you won’t be doing your body any harm — you can even ask your cardiologist to confirm this! Dress to impress, with this one-piece costume that will have you living in a bacon paradise. Cured and brined to your heart’s delight, the Bacon Adult Costume looks tasty enough to eat. Includes: Bacon Tunic. Standard Size fits up to Men’s X-Large.

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