Bad Ass Mini Stencils Roto Rose 3.5″ x 5″


Bad Ass Stencils are one of the most popular lines of airbrush stencils used by artists worldwide. These professional airbrush tools can easily be utilized in a multitude of applications on various surfaces…using a wide variety of mediums and tools. The possibilities of each design are limited only by the artist’s own creativity. Each stencil was intricately designed by award-winning makeup artist and body painter Andrea O’Donnell. Each individual sheet consists of a combination of several stencils that include thematically related design elements, patterns, textures, and artistic edges. Bad Ass Stencils are made of a durable yet flexible 7 mil Mylar plastic. The material is medium-weight and about the thickness of card-stock. The material is thin and flexible enough to achieve outstanding detail when stenciling… yet strong enough to clean and use many times. The material is solvent-proof.

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