Bammo Monte Monster

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Bammo Monte Monster – Bob Farmer has done it again. This is the best three-card monte on the plant! Monarch of Montes-Sultan of Swindles-Lord of the Stings Seven visually stunning monte phases, all different. Do it surrounded, completely in your hands, without a table. Resets automatically. IF YOU CAN FAN THREE CARDS, YOU CAN DO THIS TRICK! Includes special bicycles cards & instructions.
PAUL HARRIS- “A criminally weird hybrid Monte thingy that will have Farmer fans pacing their cells in delight. Bob’s Monster is a masterpiece of monte technology.”
DARYL- “I got it, I read it, I tried it, and it’s GREAT! I love your routine, the handling, and the subtleties. Jolly well done.”
MIKE CLOSE, MAGIC MAGAZINE- “a seamless version of the classic, gaffed, Three Card Monte effect. An easy-to-do seven-phased routine that packs a punch. Requires no real sleight of hand, since the cards do all the work for you. Top-notch all the way. I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it. Recommended.”
MARTIN LEWIS- “ideal for the bar/casino crowd.”
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