Banana Trick with Babies


… Dan Garret. A Banana keeps reappearing at your fingertips, no sooner do you remove it, than it is replaced by another one, ad infinitum. You can place them in a bag and have them all disappear at the end of the routine. A wonderful “running gag” great for the children’s entertainer, in fact, this could fit in anyone’s act. So very easy to do be honest can you really afford not to have one? We have added the Baby Banana climax of having a “bunch” of miniature sponge bananas magically appear in the spectator’s hand. This version incorporates a Dan Garrett brainstorm which makes it easier and more unexpected than all other similar routines. Take the classic “multiplying rabbits trick” for instance. With BBB it is not necessary to have your hands enter your pockets to make a “steal” of the mini-bananas. In fact, there isn’t any “steal” at all! And no sleights. Yet the baby bananas seem to form in the spectator’s hand out of nowhere! Hilarious comedy and “oh, my!” magic for any age and any type of audience.

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