Beer Bottle Opener Rings – Set of 2


How many times have you been at a party where nobody has brought a bottle opener? For those of you who frequent parties in the park, or in the woods or at the beach, you understand the serious threat to proceedings that the of the lack of a bottle opener presents. Have-a-go hero’s foolishly attempt to smash the tops off of bottles or risk serious dental injury by prising the lids off with their teeth, but it’s no way go about things… in short, before long somebodys going to come a cropper, and if there’s no way to access the contents of your booze supply at the party, well, it really isn’t a party at all. You, the seasoned party animal, have likely encountered this scenario once too often which is why you’re here, now, reading this. Well lucky you that are, for upon the purchase of this ring, you my friend, are set to become the saviour of countless forgetful party goers in the future. From the front it looks like any old standard silver band ring. Slide it 180 degrees however and it’s secret is revealed – it’s a mini bottle opener! You can’t lose it either because there’s no need to put it down, just keep the ring bottle opener safe and sound on your finger. It’s a great optical illusion gimmick for bar staff too because if you keep the opener itself on the underside of your hand (palm side), it’ll look like you’re opening the bottle with the magic of your bare hands – Genius, and sure to impress or bamboozle boozed up bar-goers.
The rewards for being the guy at the party who remembered to bring a bottle opener are many and varied…you can probably imagine what we’re talking about here…you want to be that guy. Don’t forget that this is a set of two, in case you do lose one somehow.

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