Beer Pint Glass Costume


Be the proverbial life of the party, whether you're an ale, cider, or stout.

The Pint Glass Adult Costume helps you create a laid-back look by simply wiggling into the bodysuit provided. Those in your immediate surroundings will imbibe and remember all of times that you helped them achieve an altered state, lent them a pair of foggy goggles, replenished their ego ten-fold, or scored them the name of the blonde at the other side of the bar. You may want to add a verbal disclaimer that encompasses your highly addictive and righteous nature before you head out. That way you can't be blamed for the spins, howling, and hilarity that are sure to ensue. This costume is simple: merely a body suit screen-printed to look like a pint of golden lager, with just the right amount of foam. The costume has some girth so you won't fall flat and stretches head to toe with room to walk and no constraints. The ultimate ensemble for someone who knows how to party. Includes: One Piece Bodysuit. Does not include shirt, pants or shoes. Standard Size fits up to Men's X-Large.

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