Ben Nye Thick Blood (TB)


Thick Blood is arterial-colored gel-like blood that allows artists to create raised blood effects that simulate fresh wounds and injuries. Instant abrasions and road rash can be made with ease by scraping a stipple sponge along the skin. Thick Blood’s gelatinous consistency provides it with the ability to hold shape while remaining formable after application for an extended working time. This essential product is a must-have for any Halloween enthusiast, SFX, Trauma Simulation, or film & television makeup artist.

There is an abundance of ways you can use Thick Blood to simulate injuries. A stainless steel spatula can be an ideal tool for removing it from the container and applying it. Fill the depths of prosthetics with Thick Blood for enhanced realism. You can create the perfect bloody nose by applying Thick Blood around the nostrils with a disposable cotton swab applicator. Wash off the skin and props with warm, soapy water.

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