Bigfoot Costume


It’s been a long, hard road for the modern cryptozoologist. We all know that the world s filled with all sorts of strange beasts. You only need to look at the first page of deep sea creatures to recognize that there are definitely aliens and strange monsters living among us. You don’t even need to look very deep, though. You can find a whole mess of odd ducks roaming right on the surface world. The platypus? Let’s be honest: that’s a monster! A furry poisonous egg-laying omniterrain creature? A duck-beaver? With poison!? Really, who unleashed Pokemon into the real world?

But, despite all the practical evidence that there are some weird creatures in our world, the poor hunters trying to prove the existence of some of the most notorious myths only get laughed at. Granted, the shots we’ve seen of Nessie and the Chubacabra aren’t great but it doesn’t take much suspension of disbelief to accept that some of the beasties might exist!

Well, folks, it is time to try some new tactics. Instead of quietly trying to catch the Sasquatch on film, how about you try to lure one out with this Adult Big Foot costume. The golden brown faux fur jumpsuit will be a convincing start to any wandering missing link and might even catch the attention of vacationing abominable snowmen! The mask is a fur hood with molded vinyl face and ears that perfectly match the rest of the look. Gloves and shoe covers ensure that you don’t lose your convincing stance. All you need now is to practice the right call and those Sasquatches will be coming to invite you to the annual Big Feet BBQ! Just make sure that you don’t get caught by other cryptozoologists or this could really backfire on you!

Standard Size fits up to Men’s XL.

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