Black Gangster Style Costume Long Necktie


One crime that you don’t want to commit is to be a poorly dressed gangster. Yeah, that’s right…you’ll look like you mean business wearing this exclusive Black Gangster Tie under your zoot suit. Can you imagine if you went to a hold-up without a tie? The bank manager would never take you seriously. So for future reference, you’ll have to look your best to pull off all of those heists you have planned. Sure you’ll have a Tommy gun, but you want to kill ‘em with your good looks instead. When you’re on the run, you’ll want to look just like the slick-dressed gentlemen on the street. That way when you’re making a clean getaway, you’ll blend in with the rest of society. Finally, you’ll steal away with the loot, never to be seen again…except on a ‘most wanted’ list—looking like the smooth criminal that you are!

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