Black & Red X-Ray Spiral Goggles


Halloween is always an amazing and fun time but sometimes it can be hard to keep track of your friends. Everyone is wearing crazy costumes and most have some menacing masks to go along with them. Well, now we have the solution to this problem. Grab a pair of our X-Ray Goggles! Not only are they practical they are also a perfect addition to an array of wacky costume ideas.

Now, remember, you won’t actually have to ability to see through masks, costumes, doors, walls, or anything with the help of this accessory. They will actually restrict your vision a tad bit. So be aware of that while navigating your way around the costume parties. The black frames are made of plastic. They are 6 inches wide and stand 3 inches tall. The lenses are red with printed spiral graphics. Go out this Halloween and look like you’re straight out of the future. You know that place where hoverboards and flying cars are the norms, where ray guns are as common as handguns, and x-ray goggles are found in cracker jack boxes. Yes, in our ideal future, a crackerjack box is still the best way to get cool prizes.

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