Bloody Foot On Hook Prop Decoration


This (gross, let’s admit it) foot is made of plastic and is skewered on a curved hook, with fake blood running down to the stump. The whole thing is 21″ inches and can be hung anywhere you want to creep people out! Listen, we don’t want to be gross or anything, but, have you seen our Bloody Foot on a Hook Decoration? Sorry, there’s simply no way to say it without being gross, we’ve tried. Yeah, it’s guaranteed to creep out your Halloween guests and fill them with dread from head to, well, toe! This item totally works, regardless of whether your theme for your haunted house is “deranged medical ward,” “serial killer on the loose,” “blood, gore, and guts,” or just simply “fear.” Because look at it! It’s a gross, dangling foot on a hook! We don’t know about you, but there’s just something about feet, they bring out a visceral reaction, right? So now imagine your guests opening your fridge for a drink and finding this hook hanging in the cold light, or opening the closet to hang up their coat and seeing this dangling, or trying to go to the bathroom with this hanging in front of the mirror. Fun, right?

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