Boobies Beer Glass


The Boobies 'N' Beer Glass Brings The Best Of Both Worlds To Your Drinking Experience! A sexy glass that has a voluptuous frame. Show everyone at the party what you’re all about. Combines the best of both worlds for an irresistible combination. Everything you need from a party without having to run to first base. Boobs AND Beer! What More Could You Want?! The two goals to any party or night out are as follows: get drunk and a get laid, the order is not important. You dress to impress, you get your hair all nice and neat, and you go out with the hopes of having a story to tell when you get back. But we all know that sometimes the fisherman doesn’t come home with any fish, and you too are just as likely to come home disappointed. But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? And to show everyone what you’re all about, we’d like to introduce you to the Boobies ‘n’ Beer Glass – a glass so great that it comes with a pair of boobs. Who doesn’t like boobs? Your beer will look all the sexier when its served in such a curvaceous chalice as this! Impress Your Friends! Make The Ladies Jealous! The Boobies ‘n’ Beer Glass combines the best of both worlds for those who may not get much of either! Enjoy these boobs as you drink! Or drink as you enjoy these boobs! Whatever your priorities entail, the Boobies ‘n’ Beer Glass generously provides both and more! Who could resist a beer when it is offered with such a tantalizing figure as this one? Few can. Men, women, people of all gender choices – none of them can resist the allure of the Boobies ‘n’ Beer Glass. So for a night of sexy drinking from an even sexier glass, there can be no other choice than the Boobies ‘n’ Beer Glass!

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