Bottoms Up Bar Stool With Shipping Case


….as used by Stephan Bargatze!

………get big laughs in the END !!

This is the most hilarious effect I have ever found in over 45 years of performing magic for corporate events. It is a standard item in my act because it is the biggest laugh, I have ever had in my performing career. It will be the longest laugh reaction — from an audience — you will ever receive!!  You are sitting on a quality chrome plated swivel bar stool with a black upholstered seat that you have used throughout your act. Suddenly the seat drops 6 inches with a loud bang. *Bang noise requires .22 short blanks which are not included, but can be purchased at any Sporting goods stores*  You act startled and shocked! The audience laughs. After the laughter subsides, you climb off the stool with a pained expression. Your expression changes to shock when you look down at the padded seat, which has a gleaming chrome rod sticking 6 inches up through the center of the seat. You get a really big laugh in the END! Developed from years of design and performance experience. Works equally as well for a talk or silent act. Also includes a rugged durable transportation case on steel casters! Neither snow nor rain, nor heat, nor humidity, nor cold, nor ice, nor sleet, nor even the toss of the airline luggage handlers will keep this case from protecting your Bottoms Up Bar Stool. Its rugged durability and ease of handling will make transporting your stool a trouble-free experience. It can be checked as airline luggage or shipped by UPS if you wish. **Note: Blanks were not used in the filming of the video demo, because it was shot in a studio! Case size: 17.5” x 17.5” x 32” Weight : bar stool with case 56 lbs.**
**This item has extra shipping and handling charges!**
See Video Performance Below

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