Brown Bear Fingerless Paws


Bear Claws.
When we say ‘bear claws’ does the flaky, doughy bakery treat come to mind? Yeah, us too. A nice, warm bear claw and an ice cold glass of milk would taste pretty good right around now. (We’re a little hungry, can ya tell?) We really wish we had a yummy bear claw to munch on at this very moment, but unfortunately, we don’t. (Bummer.) However, we have the next best thing: Adult Brown Fingerless Paws. No, you can’t eat them. In fact, you should definitely not eat these. They’re not edible whatsoever, but they will complete your brown bear costume perfectly. They cover a majority of your hands, keeping them warm while transforming them into furry mitts just like a real bear. Sianora fleshy hands; hello fuzzy paws and hibernation mode! If you plan on wearing a bear costume this Halloween, then you need this handy accessory (Ha, get it? Handy accessory; cause they’re for your hands!) These fingerless gloves are covered in a mix of black and brown fur and are able to fit all adult-sized hands.

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