Bullshit Button Keychain


Lets face it, life is unfair. No matter what kind of life you live you will always be faced with bullshit from time to time. This is precisely why you need the Bullshit Button Keychain at your side. The Bullshit Button Keychain fits conveniently in your pocket attached to your keys and lets the world know how you really feel about a situation with the simple touch of a button. It features seven different bullshit exclamations from Bullshit Alert! to If bullshit were money you’d be a millionaire! to If it gets any deeper in here, I’ll need a ladder to climb out! So the next time life crams a heaping hay-clumped drippy spoonful of pure unadulterated bullshit down your throat, don’t get angry, just reach for your Bullshit Button Keychain!

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