Caitiff Vampire Deluxe Overhead Mask


In a bleak and dreary world of darkness, a caitiff is a common word for a lowly vampire. But even a lowly vampire is something to fear and avoid, as this Caitiff Mask shows that even a fledgling blood-sucker can be a truly terrifying monster to face. This mask confers an extremely pale and monstrous visage upon all those who wear it, transforming them into a blood-sucking beast that comes straight out of fantasy and legend. The mask retains a general human shape, although its exceedingly pale skin immediately makes it identifiable as something more monstrous than normal. The furrowed brow of the mask displays feral hunger, while the narrowed, opened eyes create a natural glare, while still allowing the wearer’s eyes to show through. An inhuman, bat-like nose sits central on the mask’s features, while its mouth, opened to show off rows of pointed teeth, curves just slightly up, creating a frightening smile. The final touch comes from the mask’s ears, which are long pointed, just like the classic vampires of legend. This mask is made entirely from high quality latex, and it features a full head design, which means that it covers the wearer’s head completely when worn. It also features a short extension, which allows it to cover the neck and part of the chest and collar, making this mask easy to blend with a variety of other costumes. Monstrous and feral, this Caitiff Mask is the perfect start to building a truly terrifying vampire costume, as well as a great way to release the beast when it comes to your vampiric style.

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