Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Pattern Vest & Bow Tie Kit


You have to admire Dr. Seuss. He’s the most famous children’s book author in history for good reason! He wrote dozens of books for children full of easy-to-understand phrases to make reading easier for kids to grasp. Not only that, he did it by creating iconic pop culture items like Green Eggs and Ham! Now, we don’t want to echo the book, but why on earth would anyone eat green eggs and ham?! Obviously, if those eggs are green, there has been some sort of issue with the food, or in the cooking process, and you should send it back. Have the eggs and ham been refrigerated? Are they past their expiration date? Someone discuss that with the chef, please. We’re queasy just thinking about it.

But we digress… Sorry about that. We get passionate when it comes to breakfast food. We’re also passionate about Dr. Seuss, though. He’s one of our favorite authors. How on earth does anyone manage to rhyme so often and so well? He made it so easy, effortless, and fun. You’d think his books would be rare, but there are so many they’ve become easy to share!

Know what else is easy to share? This awesome The Cat in the Hat Vest and Bow Tie Kit. This all-polyester patterned vest has a satin back, faux pockets for all your zany items, and an adjustable bow tie. It’s officially licensed, too, so we think you will love it as much as everyone enjoys Dr. Seuss’s stories. We don’t know how we can be any more effusive in our praise, either.

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