Chair Suspension

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This Mak Magic Chair Suspension is a 1 person illusion! No assistant is required. Audience member can be used. Perform completely surrounded clear of back-drops or drapes! 2 Chairs are set face to face, with a long wood board on top. A person lays on the board and is briefly covered with a cloth. You remove the chair supporting their feet, they are suspended! Wave below them, there's nothing to find! Put the chair back to support their feet, all is fine now. Thank the audience member. The support on which the “floater” rests has been made extra large for a feeling of stability Support board measures 10 1/2 by 36 inches. This lightweight mystery packs flat and can be shipped or transported anywhere.
Note these features;
Performer may walk entirely away, while person is suspended
A one-person illusion requiring NO assistants
Up and running with a minimum of rehearsal
Use anyone up to 100 pounds
Everything, including chairs weighs just 33 pounds
Chairs are standard commercial quality folding chairs
Board measures 45 inches long and 13 wide
Velour cloth is 43 by 53 inches

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