Cheeseburger Costume


Whether you like your burger rare or well done, one thing we can all agree on is that there is nothing better than a juicy, mouthwateringly delicious cheeseburger.

Complete with everything from the poppy-seed bun to the tomato to the lettuce to the beef, the Cheeseburger Adult Costume has everything you need to be an edible favorite at your next Halloween bash. The only thing missing from this delicious treat is the fries and milkshake. Looking good enough to eat, you will have to keep your arms and hands free to ward off hungry guests. Can you think of anything better than a delicious cheeseburger? We didn't think so. Don't leave the house until the burger is cooked through and the cheese is melting down the side of the bun. From the edible-looking tomato to the golden brown bun to the leaves of lettuce, this costume has everything you could possibly want in a tasty burger. Includes: One Piece Bodysuit (pattern is printed on both sides). Does not Include: shirt, pants or shoes. Standard Size fits up to Men's XL.

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