Chicken Plush Perky Tail


Shake Your Tail Feathers. This year has been the year of the chicken — at least for you. You got your chicks, set up your backyard coop, and have been enjoying the riches of fresh eggs. You’re no longer just someone who likes chickens, but a full-blown chicken enthusiast. But…have you ever seen a chicken without a tail? Ew. You wouldn’t really want to, right? Think about it. Weird! Gross! You can’t be a chicken this Halloween if you don’t have this Chicken Elastic Perky Tail. You’ll frighten the children…and probably the adults!

Though not as ubiquitous as a black cat or bat at Halloween, the chicken can be an excellent costume for parties, office gatherings, or trick or treating. And now that you have a lot to say on the matter of chickens, you’ll be clucking happily along this Halloween. But don’t forget this important accessory piece, OK? It’ll really ruffle our feathers.

This perky little chicken tail guarantees a secure and comfy fit, thanks to an adjustable elastic band at the waist. The cone is stuffed and covered in white imitation feathers, while the dramatic red plumes are crafted from felt. Nab the beak and headpiece (sold separately) for a complete look.

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