Zagone Studios Chimp Monkey Faux Fur Latex Chest Shirt


This lightweight Chimp shirt is more comfortable than any type of monkey suit from the old days. Designed to pull over and wear all night. The Buff look makes you like a Hollywood Star. This was designed to be superior to any other hairy body suit on the market. This quick pullover Chimp Shirt is vented which makes it so comfortable to wear. Standard Adult Size will fit up to a Men’s XL.

We carry Zagone Studios products because they are designed and handmade in the USA. They have been a family-owned and managed business for over 40 years. The design focus is to deliver comfortable, lightweight, and long-lasting products. Each piece is handmade in the USA (Melrose Park, IL) and inspected by a Zagone team member before it is ever packed.

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