Hollywood Vintage Cigarette Holder


1920s Vintage Hollywood Elegant Sparkling Cigarette Holder. Swing into the Roaring 20’s Era Full of Flapper’s Gangster’s and Zoot Suit’s with this short silver decorated cigarette holder looks very elegant. Great Flapper Roaring 20’s Speakeasy period costume accessory. Short, elegant costume cigarette holder. Black and Silver; approximately 3.5″ long. Just push the end to eject the cigarette. Perfect accessory for flappers, gangsters and movie stars. These cigarette holders were considered sophisticated and were popular in the Mid-1920’s era. Flapper Era, Roaring 20’s, Prohibition Era Dresses, Speak Easy Dress, Al Capone Era, 1920’s Fashion, Roaring 20’s living history. Great for vintage Hollywood costumes as well.

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