Close’s Clones

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Close`s Clones by Michael Close is a wonderful, comical tale of science, and cloning begins innocently enough with the introduction of nine cards, each blank on both sides. A tenth card is then introduced, this one with the face of a clown. The clown card is placed into the packet and instantly the clown’s face is “cloned!” There are now clown faces on two of the blank cards! As the comedy builds, the spectators get involved in the “cloning” process and that`s where things go horribly and hilariously wrong. The cloning process gets out of control and the spectators begin turning over blank cards to find that clowns have magically printed on all of them. On the last three cards are printed three, five, and finally a whole card full of clowns! Just when the audience thinks it`s all over, they look up at the performer to find a clown nose has magically appeared on his face! Easy to perform, requiring only minimal sleight-of-hand Comes complete with specially printed cards on Bicycle stock, nose, and detailed, fully-illustrated instruction booklet.

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