Color Changing Chips


Change black-white disks to white-black, then to green-yellow and red-blue!
The spectators are underwhelmed when they discover that the chips are simply double-sided: black on one surface and white on the other. Turning the chips over in the magician’s hand makes the “magic” happen. Now the real magic begins. As the magician explains the double-sided nature of the chips, suddenly, from nowhere, one side of one chip turns blue! Then another side is shown – to be green! Finally, to bring the trick to an astonishing close, the remaining two sides are shown to be different, as well: one is red and the other is yellow! Everything may now be examined. Precision made from brass, these Color Changing Chips are easy to use and affordably priced.
See Video Performance Below
*Note* Color Changing Chips are currently in a Brass Trim, not the Silver Color that is shown on the video!

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