Coloring Book Magic Kit


This is a fantastic magic kit for beginning magicians and is also perfect for any Magic Clown or Kid’s Magician. This entire kit gives kids the ability to put together a great little show right out of the box!
Included in this kit are:
Magic Coloring Book – A coloring book is shown with all its pages blank. Magically, line drawings begin to appear on the pages, and finally, all the pictures become fully colored!
Vanishing Crayons – A box of standard crayons is shown to the audience, and with a magical gesture, the crayons vanish!
Rope To Silk – A small hank of rope is displayed, and after a few magical tricks, the rope is instantly transformed into a red silk handkerchief!
Stiff Rope – A thick piece of rope is unrolled and with a magical gesture, caused to become instantly, horizontally rigid! The rope will stay that way until you command it to return to its ‘s original limp state.
Magic Wand – The standard utility prop of Professional Magicians for centuries!
DVD – This DVD will give complete instructions on how to perform all of the effects in this kit, as well as provide several bonus tricks that can be done with everyday objects!

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