Comedy Jumbo Split Deck Bicycle Brand


This is one of the finest card effects for the comedy performer. Uses a deck of jumbo Bicycle playing cards which can be seen in most venues. EFFECT: The performer shows a deck of cards that has been cut diagonally in two sections. Someone obviously didn’t understand the term, ‘ Please cut the deck’ In an attempt to discover whether two people are compatible the performer states that he will make a prediction and sets a large envelope in plain view which contains his prediction. Two people are asked to participate. One selects a section of card from half of the cut deck; then the other person selects a card section from the other half of the cut deck. If the two people are compatible, they will have selected the matching halves to the cards. When the two sections are shown, they do NOT match. “Guess my prediction won’t matter at this point will it?” states the performer. He removes the jumbo card and turns it around. Incredibly, the prediction card is made up of two different halves, and they DO match the sections selected by the spectators! Much comedy can be had with the mismatched halves, etc. Simply displaying the cut cards brings a laugh and offers much scope for comedy. Comes complete with a prediction card, a jumbo deck of diagonally cut cards, and complete instructions. A real winner! Easy to accomplish. No sleights, etc.
See Video Performance Below

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