Dalmatian Mouth Mover Mask


Spotted! Dalmatian On The Loose
At approximately 8:43 pm on Halloween night, your neighborhood reported the sightings of a rogue white dog prowling the streets. This pooch had prominent spots, a realistic face, and appeared to be a pure-bred Dalmatian. Anyone with any information about the dog’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the neighborhood watch.

Ooh, exciting, right? Except, you know, of course, that it’s not a real Dalmatian out there, but rather, your perfect Halloween costume catching everyone’s eye, thanks to this Dalmatian Mouth Mover Mask! People talk endlessly about the “dog days of Summer,” but we think Fall ought to have its say, too. Now, you can turn into everyone’s favorite firehouse pooch or cartoon hero-pup without a lick of face paint or makeup. Trust us, spotting you in this amazing mask will make for a memorable Halloween all throughout your town.

Design & Details
There are a lot of ways to turn into a dog for Halloween, but none so realistic as this furry mask! It’s a one-piece hood that you can slip on to totally transform into a regal, loyal, and stunning Dalmatian. The eyes are a realistic brown, and the snout and sculpting look oh-so-real. The best part is that when you move your jaw, this pooch’s mouth moves too.

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