Mike Pence Vice Presidential Debate Fly Wig


Look fly and steal the spotlight at your next party with this Debate Fly Wig, perfect for when being a fly on the wall just won’t do! Talk about a fly Halloween costume. This ripped-from-the-headlines wig has gone viral since the Vice-Presidential debates. We have it in stock now! A bug-bedecked wig inspired by the fly that landed in Vice President Mike Pence’s hair during his socially distanced sit-down with Sen. Kamala Harris is here now! The white hairpiece has an oversized faux fly. During Pence’s comments dismissing that law enforcement is “implicitly biased,” the pesky insect flew onto his perfectly coiffed head and remained fixed for more than two minutes — becoming the highlight of the debate — and an instant viral sensation.
Don’t forget some extra Flies for a real infestation and Giant Fly Swatter to help swat them away!

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