Deluxe Ninja Martial Arts Nunchucks


Ancient lore tells of scrolls that have powerful training rituals inscribed upon them. By collecting these mysterious tablets, you can tap into a mystical power that has been lying dormant for centuries. You might become the Fire Dragon, a ninja with supernatural command over flames. Perhaps you’ll be the Shadow Dragon, a mysterious shugenga with the ability to fade into the shadows and walk unseen among the spirits. Or, you know, maybe you just want to unleash some epic martial artist maneuvers!

Everyone has something a little magical hiding inside them. We’re not saying that these Black Foam Nunchucks are the only way to let your super ninja powers out… but when you do release them, we think you’ll find that they’ll make a perfect match! (Plus, they’re the safest way to practice your new skills, too.) These 10’’ Nunchucks are the classic martial arts tool!

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