Dental Distortions Gremlin FX Fangs 2.0


Dental Distortions Gremlin FX teeth are short, sharp, pointed, yellowed teeth. Evenly sized & spaced. Great for a creepy gremlin or goblin. Dental Distortions FX Fangs are the film industry’s go-to because they are made using the highest quality dental materials. Because they are a thin veneer that goes on the front of your teeth, they give an incredible ultra-realistic look without causing discomfort or making it hard to speak. Each set comes with a special thermoplastic fitting material that allows the fake teeth to mold to your real teeth perfectly. The fitting process takes maybe 20-30 minutes and only needs to be completed once to obtain a fit that will last all season. Each set comes with enough fitting plastic for a complete fit and photographic instructions. Dental Distortions come with a plastic carry case to keep them protected. They are easily cleaned using a mild soap and a soft brush.