Brown Deluxe Bowler Style Derby Hat


Every hero or villain out there has to have a signature look. Some of them go with a strange or scary hairstyle, while others will wear some sort of mask to either strike fear into people or keep their true identity hidden. Still, others look to separate themselves from the norm even more by donning a signature hat. Western stars will wear an all-white or black hat, heck, even Winston Churchill wouldn’t leave his house without his signature black bowler hat, and have you ever met Napoleon?! Maybe it’s time you hooked yourself up with that killer character look. You manly stud, you. You caught sight of this brown bowler hat and you thought to yourself, “I most definitely need such a delightful accessory to place on my head to be the finest gentleman around town.” Now you’re thinking like a devilish rogue, aren’t you? You could even go full-on steampunk style with this. This is a perfect accessory for just about any classy gent’s outfit.

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