Disney Beauty Beast Mouth Mover Mask


Prepare to write a page in your own tale with this Disney Beauty and the Beast Mouth Mover™ Mask by elope. Featuring piercing blue eyes that disguise you without sacrificing visibility, and rich faux fur worthy of a prince, no one will mistake you for anyone but Belle’s beloved Beast. This orignal Mouth Mover™ Mask features elope’s original creative design to create an experience like no other. Inside the carefully sculpted mask is durable plastic construction and a comfortable foam chin rest which allows the signature Mouth Mover action. Talk and the mask moves too! An inner elastic headband rests just below the base of your head and is adjustable to ensure each Mouth Mover can fit multiple head sizes comfortably. Be the hero in your own fairy tale in this Disney Beauty and the Beast Mouth Mover™ Mask.

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