Disney Beast Mouth Mover Mask


Do you love Disney movies? So do we. Really, how could anyone resist? Those early nineties cartoons were especially fascinating with all those classic songs, the hand-drawn art, and the sharp humor. Our only complaint? Where’s the personality in the princes our favorite princesses are falling for? While we like Prince Eric, he’s simply a very nice, somewhat naïve, and very handsome fellow. He’s great, but no one to trade your flippers for. Our favorite prince? Prince Adam, aka the Beast. Yeah, he might not be a sight for sore eyes, but he sure is a sight for bored ones. Plus, he’s got a three-story library and rocks at snowball fights, what’s not to like? Well, yeah there’s that temper but you can get that under control once you’ve stepped into his massive boots with this realistic mask with a movable jaw mask. This mask has the tawny-colored fur of the original Beauty and the Beast. People will instantly be a memory lane when they see the low ears and gently curving horns, weirdly endearing if you ask us. So, for your next costumed event, don’t be shy just put on your mask. Use that movable jaw to shout “Join me for dinner” at the first person who doesn’t shudder at your paw. We think it’ll work.

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