Disney Sleeping Beauty Flora Fairy Headband & Wings Kit


Poor little Princess Aurora. She doesn’t deserve to be cursed by cranky Maleficent and doomed to die of a pricked finger (especially not after you bestowed the gift of beauty on her!) What’s to be done? Well, if you’re a fabulous fairy, you raise her in safety with your fairy friends. Raising a princess means always being there for her, teaching her what she needs to know, and throwing her a birthday celebration complete with a special dress you make yourself. A pink dress, of course. Everyone will know that you’re a good fairy when you wear this exclusive, officially licensed Disney Flora the Fairy Headband and Wings Kit! A mini pink hat with a pointed crown and a gauzy ribbon band perch perkily on your head thanks to the attached cloth-covered headband. The matching wings secure over your shoulders with adjustable straps and have a lovely swirl design.

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