Disney Evil Queen Crown Collar Capelet Set


What’s a queen without her crown? Well, legally she’s probably still a queen. There has to be some paperwork behind that, right? Anyway, legalities aside, it would be nice to have a crown that you can take to go if you were an evil queen on the go. Picture this scenario, you’re brewing some wicked potion in the woods one minute, and all the sudden you realize you’re late to meet up with the woodsman telling him your queenly orders the next. If you’re the kind of evil queen who doesn’t like to brew in her crown then you’ll love having your queenly accessories tucked into your potion tote. You’ll be ready to dress up on the go with this crown headband and high collar capelet set. One minute, you’re the queen of accounting in your black dress and sweater, the next you’re queen of the world, look out!

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