Disney The Lion King Scar Mouth Mover Mask


Why? Well from what we hear, a brand new era is tiptoeing nearer. And that era is, of course, the reign of Scar. We don’t really want to make you alarmed or anything, but this is one ambitious feline. He’s not going to let something like his own family stand in the way of him ruling all of Pride Rock. He’s going to be king someday whether we want it to happen or not. We have to admire such tenacity and cunning. Scar simply will not take no for an answer. Also, he’s got that dark sense of humor and melodramatic way of looking at things, which we think will make him quite the king indeed.

If you want to work on your own kingly skills (with maybe the confidence of Scar) then you’ll like this Dinsey The Lion King Scar Mouth Mover Mask. This plastic molded mask is designed to look like Scar, with a big black mane hood that will cover the whole back of your head. The jaw of the mask is hinged, which will allow the mouth to open and close when the wearer does. All of that meticulous planning has paid off… the king has arrived!

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