Disney The Lion King Simba Mouth Mover Mask


For some Disney movies, it’s easy to get in character. All you need to do is throw on the yellow ballgown or the dress covered in snowflakes and viola! A Disney character. There are some other Disney characters, however, that is a bit more difficult to replicate. For instance, the animal ones. It won’t be easy if you’re trying to recreate Baloo or Zazu. Sure you can do some killer make-up, but it just might not have the same effect if you’re trying to be oh, say, the king of Pride Rock.

That’s why we’re very excited to offer this Disney The Lion King Simba Mouth Mover Mask. This plastic pullover mask has an adjustable strap to secure it firmly on your head. The mask itself is designed to look like adult Simba, complete with a bronze face and lush orange mane that covers the entire back of your head. The best part? The lower jaw of this mask is mobile, which means it can open and close while you speak, making it look like it is Simba who is in fact speaking. There you have it. A classic bona fide Disney character made simple! Now anyone can look exactly like the king. Better start working on your roar…

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