Dog Mouth Mover Mask


It’s time to be truthful about all those times you said that you wished you knew what your dog wanted to say. You knew what your dog was asking for. Fido wanted a walk. Or a piece of that pizza you were eating. Or both, and a scratch on the ears wouldn’t hurt either. The wishes of dogs are pretty simple and yet we don’t indulge them nearly as often as any good boi would desire. It’s time to raise your voice for all the doggos out there once you put this mouth-mover mask on. There’s no ignoring anything that comes from the mouth of this pup! It’s time to make your doggy demands.

This shaggy mask has a strangely unsettling face covered in shaggy, realistic-looking faux fur. The beady brown eyes are framed with floppy ears that would be cute on a pup but are creepy in human form. The snout opens and closes with your own mouth to reveal a set of bright white teeth. The back of the maw gives you access to your own mouth so that you can eat, drink, and speak without taking off your disguise. This high-quality mask can be used over and over to creep out your fellow Halloween revelers for years to come!

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