Dolores Umbridge Hat Collar & Pin Set


A Wicked Transformation.
Some costumes can be pretty complicated. They need to in order to fully captivate the image of our favorite heroes and the most insidious of villains. Other times? Well, occasionally a nefarious troublemaker is so easily identified by her choice of accessories that you only need a splash of the right color to make everyone’s eyes widen in terror! Such is the case whenever you see frills and fashion in a particularly pink shade marking their way down Hogwarts’ halls towards you. There’s nothing quite as troubling as knowing that Umbridge is on your trail. But, when you can wield that kind of a menacing aura for yourself? Well, that’s just about as fun as it can get!

Channel all the hoity-toity attitude (and questionable fashion sense) imaginable when you try our officially licensed Dolores Umbridge Costume Hat and Cat Pin Kit on for size. This Made By Us costume kit includes a delightfully pink hat and a matching collar accent to help transform any outfit into one in which Umbridge would approve. The cat pin and fluffy exterior is easily attained with these simple accessories, allowing you to focus your energy on the rest of your outfit… or tracking down any nuisance Hogwarts students.

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