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How To Measure Yourself?

BUST:  Measure around the fullest part of your chest.

WAIST:  Measure around your natural waist (generally at your belly button).

Size Dress Size Waist Bust
25" - 26"
33" - 35"
27" - 30"
36" - 38"
Up to Size 12
27" - 30"
36" - 38"
31" - 34"
38" - 40"
35" - 38"
42" - 44"

Dorothy Wizard Of Oz Plus Costume


Kansas isn’t really the first place in the world where people might leap when thinking of the place where heroes rise. Not that the place is particularly unheroic but the simple lifestyles that are so frequently depicted amidst the comforting cornfields and home-style neighborhoods do not immediately incite the ideas of adventures, of villains, or of the protagonists of a story that might rise up against the wickedness of the world. But, then again, if you think about a certain red and blue-clad hero from Kansas, it takes very little time to get on the same page and know exactly who we’re all talking about! We picture the fluttering cloth and brilliantly shining red as this mighty hero takes up high into the air, flying through the skies, until landing with a powerful thud to bring down the most wicked force that the land has ever come to know! Of course, we are talking about the basket-toting, friend of Toto, and Yellow Brick Road skipping destroyer of wicked witches, herself, Dorothy! (Wait, did you think we were talking about someone else? Flying, red-and-blue clad Kansas-resident hero? Hrmm. Nothing else stands out at the moment, but we’ll give that some thought!) In the meantime, we all know the vexing story of the evil wrought on the Land of Oz by the terrifying and powerful Wicked Witch of the West and we’re in need of some serious help from the only one who can step into Dorothy’s role: you! Do so with this Adult Dorothy costume, including a lovely one-piece plaid dress and blouse combo in her famous blue and white color pattern. Matching hair ribbons ensure that your braided pigtails stay in place during your adventure. Accessorize yourself for your adventure with our magical slippers to make sure that you can return home at the drop of a witch’s hat or three clicks of your heels.  Costume includes Plus Size Dress with matching Hair Bows. *Please note that Dorothy Wig, Shoes & Basket are sold separately*

Size Chart
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