Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Thing 1 & 2 Large Patches Set


Oh, the things that can hide in a box! From a make-believe train to a child’s fort in the rain. Or a robot’s square tummy and a crib for some dollies. Perhaps a surprise from the mailman or a gift for a good friend. There are countless endless things that keep in a box. Even some certain infamous Things. They like to do jigs and shout while they sing. When they play it’s a mess but shows such a life zest! For most, they arrive with a tall cat with a hat. But for you, they can visit once you click submit! Get ready for a visit from Thing 1 and Thing 2 with these fabulous patches for you! With just a hot iron and a set of swell patches, your shirt can be stylin’ like those wonderful Dr. Seuss Things. You’ll find instructions on placing and pressing from instructions printed on the package. And whether you’re dressing for Halloween or just making a scene, you’ll be perfectly prepared and officially licensed!

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